the story


I’ve always been pulled in by stories, so getting connected with writing and photography and videography presented a unique way to continue telling stories. From a young age, I knew I wanted to be a storyteller, but mostly in writing. After becoming a Christian, I’ve come to see the world through the perspective of God’s Kingdom and the work He’s doing in us. We are asked to steward His gifts well, and by digging into storytelling, I see it as a duty to use my gifts and abilities to reveal the beauty in details and in people that God has created.

I love a lot of things, including but not limited to: black coffee, the New York Times, Julia Roberts, creating pottery, stream-of-consciousness writing, carrot cake, hand holding, hand-written notes, handling people’s hearts carefully, babies in papooses, white down comforters, the smell of leather, singing with the car windows down, Brandi Carlile songs, and blank journal pages. I hope these posts find you well and that God uses them to echo in the darkest parts of your heart like He’s done to me.

One time, a couple years ago, I was sitting at a high-top table in the back of a lodge in a place that’s very special to me, and I was walked through writing a life purpose statement. Less than a year later, the Lord placed me in that same spot and showed me more about His promise-keeping than I ever dared to dream about. Here are the words He helped craft in me: I was created to walk alongside young women and creatively communicate God’s Word to see lies exchanged for truth, self-deception for true identity, and detachment for intimacy and satisfaction in Christ. Ever since then, I’ve gotten the privilege of living that out in working for the greatest summer camp and in one-on-one conversations during my years working in ministry.

Stay awhile. Kick off your shoes. Find the comfy socks. Brew the coffee.

I hope these words shine light in your dark places too.



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