About me sections have always been a difficult thing for me. How do you condense your whole person into one little section of a website? I guess I’ll start by telling you I’m an external processor (hence the writer’s heart), I ask entirely too many questions, and one of my special talents includes balancing my phone and coffee in one hand (lots of practice and lots of caffeine). I answer to a lot of different names, but mostly Jenna Jo and Little Bird.

I was created to walk alongside young women and creatively communicate God’s Word to see lies exchanged for truth, self-deception for true identity, and detachment for intimacy and satisfaction in Christ.

I imagine that most of these posts will greet you with joy or they will be a place of rest when you feel sorrow. So grab a cup of coffee and imagine we’re having a little coffee date. Words get me, and I hope they get you too. Words are beautiful when you use them for good, and I will never cease to be amazed by the way “zeal” and “hallelujah” sound when they leave my lips. Or the way a perfect sentence looks when you stick a semicolon right on in there. I love words, moral of the story. And I hope the Lord uses these words that I’ve written for you, in whichever ways He sees pleasing and fitting.

I’m a senior at Berry College. That feels incredibly strange to write. I’m almost done with my college career, but I’m not going to let that scare me. I have some big dreams that I’ll go ahead and let you in on. I published a Bible study my senior year of high school, and I have high hopes of publishing many more books. A second one is currently in the works. I want to live in the heart of New York City. I’m a photographer, and I’ve started dabbling in videography, which I’ve loved more than I thought I would. When I was in the 4th grade I wanted to be a fashion designer and live in NYC, and I think my dreams have stayed pretty much the same, just a different creative profession.

I have a heart for community and investing in relationships. There is nothing more special than feeling known, and I’ve made it a personal goal to make sure any person I’m in conversation with feels like the center of my world in that moment. I think something that blows my mind about God is that we’re completely known and still loved, and that part of His person is what I want to embody in my relationships.

And I’m learning how to live in grace and accept it in full from Jesus. He is good, and I hope to live out of an overflow of that goodness. I want my words and my laughs and my everyday life to glorify my Maker.

Any questions? Shoot me a message!


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