365 project

This was a project I completed over the course of 2017. I took a few seconds of video every day for a year, and this is the final product.

(I do not own any rights to songs used in the video)
Songs used:
“Castle on the hill” by ed sheeran
“like the world is going to end” by ben rector
“in the blood” by john mayer
“learning how to love” by colony house

Here’s to a year of a whole lot of hellos and goodbyes and good mornings, breakfast food, one too many 8AM classes with beautiful sunrises, surprises, a couple big moves, roomie dates, staff meetings, a new GoPro, #whatinvacation2k17, a lot of Ed Sheeran, meeting role models (authors, new friends, counselors, bosses, all of them), baby giggles, long drives, deer watching, pillow talk, big girl job applications, birthdays with party hats, 6-pack ab laughs, baseball, the summer of a lifetime, watching anxiety subside, knowing the goodness of God, man cheers, prayers, sweet potato soufflé, good views, office coffee dates, more proud moments than I can count, studio hours, country music playlists, lots of First Amendment research, lots of trips to the Cage, lots of DHall dinners, an abundance of stupid videos, Sunday night services, backwards caps, nighttime walks across the most beautiful campus, a surprise snow day, wild moods, crazy good concerts, shots of espresso (read: courage), some of my favorite conversations, meals around new tables, more cups of coffee than I can count, some grief and joy seeped into everything, and a 20 dollar bill. My heart grew ten billion times this year and I finally learned what it looked like to trust God again and call Him good. I feel like a giddy child when I think about the things God has in store for 2018, so let’s do it.

This was a project I completed over the course of 2016. I took a few seconds of video every day for a year, and this is the final product.

(I do not own any rights to songs used in the video)
Songs used:
“The Truth is a Cave” by The Oh Hellos
“Cleopatra” by The Lumineers
“The John Wayne” by Little Green Cars

Here’s to a year of dance parties, an excess of coffee cups (and good friends who kept filling them), trips to ATL, Chattanooga, Spartanburg, NYC, Pine Mountain, Columbus, Knoxville, little towns in Alabama, Ellijay, Asheville, Little River Canyon, and St. George Island, 7 weddings (SEVEN), study sessions, Bible studies with some sweet souls, 5 concerts, a bunch of Imprinted Blog meetings, an internship w/ LifeCast, surprises, babies, sacred moments, heartbreak, courageous happenings, cutting my bangs, sneaking onto a beautiful field to film, sunsets, one graduation, plotting to stay in NYC, big hugs, Thai food, House Church, new friends, reconciling, another summer at Berry, the wildest family who loves so fiercely, a YouTube series (with Mount Berry Church + more coffee cups), worship nights, car karaoke, wrestling with God, a family reunion, learning how to fall in love with life again, writing (going through way too many journals), mistakes and more mistakes, cooking dinners, beautiful voices, learning how to love a cat, 2 beautiful roomies, “froomie” dates, a half marathon, falling more in love with videography, listening to “Unwritten” and reclining in sketchy parking lots, tornado potatoes, some of the best conversations I’ve ever had and some of the worst, another Mountain Day, a Miada and cappuccinos after 10:30, Media Law, too many hours at Swift to count, apple-house hopping, a Petro’s pizza road trip, a spankin’ new MacBook Pro, another year of birthdays (and one surprise party for a big baby), the best coworkers & bosses a girl could ever ask for, a semester of 18 hours, creating boundaries (and breaking some), inside jokes, concert planning, 2 finals weeks, too many books to count, scoring the ultimate summer dream job with WinShape Camps, a lot of church services and late nights, and more people who know me more deeply than ever before.

And I get to the end of this year lost in the beauty of all that God has done, and that’s when I remember He is good. He will always be good. And my lips long to praise Him. Here’s to 2017 adventures.