A prayer for breakthrough.

I find that my best prayers with God lately happen on the floor of the shower.

Yes, just me sitting under the water and talking to Him. I’ve prayed for more intimate moments with God, to know Him more deeply and understand His character in my day-to-day life, and I had the thought tonight, after many nights of praying on the shower floor, “God even sees me in the shower.” I don’t know what gets more exposed, vulnerable, and intimate than that.

I was up in Asheville this past weekend and attended a more contemplative Sunday morning service, and the preacher spoke on prayer. She talked about making some of our prayers brief and bold. And to my surprise, her prayers were centered around this word that keeps coming to the forefront of my life lately: BREAKTHROUGH.

She said when we don’t know what we ought to pray for another person, we can pray:

I am praying for a breakthrough for __________. And Lord, I am praying that You would open the door that leads him/her on a path to glorifying You.

How simple but so profound. I was immediately struck with how beautiful it is that our God is a god of details. I have felt so cared for by my Heavenly Father recently, and I have to believe that’s because of how much time I’ve been spending with Him. It’s not because He just magically started paying attention to detail and caring for me more deeply; I’ve just finally slowed down enough to spend intentional time with Him in the early hours of the morning and on the shower floor and on long car rides in silence. It’s not a coincidence that these days with Him have felt more intimate.

So I’ve been filling in that blank with so many different people’s names, sometimes even my own, and maybe tonight you need to capture that prayer for yourself. Maybe you need to sit on the floor of the shower and ask Him for a breakthrough in His name. There is power in the name of Jesus, and it’s amazing that we only catch a glimpse of that.

I’m finding that sometimes the best way to become an instrument of peace is to learn how to walk with someone in normalcy and in their daily rhthyms. That’s where God is. I’m reminded that Jesus knows the stirrings in our hearts and he’s walking with us in those.

A breakthrough on understanding God’s love for me. The height and the width and the depth. That’s the biggest thing I’ve been trying to pray for without knowing what words to pray. It’s extravagant. It doesn’t make sense. We’ll never comprehend the way You love us. If we even began to understand the love God has for us, can you imagine how differently we’d navigate our days? I’m learning it’s not conditional. I have a chronic desire to prove myself to the people around me, and how refreshing that when I step into the presence of God, He reminds me I don’t have to prove myself to Him.

The pressure’s off. And it’s off for you too. He doesn’t withhold good things from His children, and that’s what we are. He’s been so kind in showing me that there are things I believe about myself that need to be deconstructed, and my prayer is that He would do the same for you. Which pieces of your identity need to be removed from the equation? Are they about your worth? The way you’re loved? What you need to do to prove yourself?

He’s a Father who wants good things for His children. He’s an accessible God. He meets me in my weakness. He meets me when I need Him and when I think I don’t. His words are rich, and His Spirit brings me freedom. Intimacy with Him has been my greatest gift, and I think this past weekend just lightened the load, in the strangest way, and reminded me how accessible He is. So my prayer for you is intimacy with Him, maybe even on the floor of the shower.


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