Creative Crack: What is vlogging?

Disclaimer: I’m not a vlogger. And I’ve never put out a vlog before. I’m a videographer. Not professionally, but I dabble in casual video, bought the GoPro, made some short videos, got a job as a videographer that could one day lead to something professional. Stay tuned for that, but anyway…

Let’s talk about:


This is a newer form of promoting and using social media for the benefit of branding a company or a person. The videos are recorded using an iPhone (or a smart phone of your choice) and usually compiled using a basic movie-making software. These are not strict stipulations, but what’s important is that the video is easy to make and quick. The biggest benefit: it makes people feel a part of the story you’re telling, and to include may be one of your most powerful tools. Humans would much rather consume something quick, easy, and visually appealing than sit and read a long article because, let’s face it, our attention spans are only getting shorter.

So what is vlogging and why should you care about it?

Casual video has some similarities to vlogging. While casual video is usually used for the purposes of promoting quickly and inexpensively, vlogging is another quick way to share bits of your day or your story with people on the internet. A lot of videographers, celebrities, and even normal people like you and me do it. It gives people an inside look at other people’s lives.

A vlogger/YouTube star/videographer that has been taking the internet by storm is Casey Neistat. He is a filmmaker, YouTube personality, co-founder of the social media company Beme, and most recently, he sold Beme to CNN for $25 million, but he has also created daily vlogs to challenge himself in his video-creating abilities. This seems small in comparison to what else he does on a daily basis, but he’s able to capture bits of his day and share them with us. He emphasizes that it doesn’t take expensive equipment to be a talented videographer, it’s actually about learning the basics and learning how to be creative with what you have that makes you a talented videographer. He is a constant encourager to those trying to make it big on YouTube, proving anyone can do it with enough commitment and passion.

Why do I bring this up now?

Neistat took a break from his daily vlogs after doing them for almost two years. However, as those in the videography/vlog community have found out, Neistat has restarted the vlogs in the past few days.

And it all started with this:

He’s also made a how-to video for those who want to learn to vlog.

If you’re looking to be someone in the process of branding themselves, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Millennials, and humans in general, live by storytelling. Specifically, we live by the inside story. We love to feel close to the people we follow on social media, as if we could have been their friends all along.

Whether you’re a photographer or a writer or a videographer, it’s all about letting people in and having a sense of transparency in the way you brand yourself. Sometimes that means a series of social media posts sharing your story, and sometimes that means hopping in front of a video camera and testing out new shots, angles, ideas for the rest of the world to see.

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