He picks me up and calls me qualified.

Things I’ve learned just this week (and it’s only Wednesday morning):

  1. topknots are not overrated
  2. if you haven’t eaten gluten for an extended period of time and just one day decide to go for it, don’t do it. Your body will probably hate you. No, it will definitely hate you.
  3. sometimes you realize how much you need to hear God’s voice. and sometimes you understand how much you needed encouragement when you give it to someone else, read your own words, and think, “Dang, I actually think I needed that more than she did, which is awesome. Thanks, Jesus!

Girl, I have totally been there & I understand what it’s like to not feel like yourself or feel connected to God, but I challenge you to let that fuel you to lean into Him even more. Talk to Him. Our God is one who listens and relates and He is constant when our circumstances are not. Lean. Into. Him. And He will answer in His timing. Just talk to Him. Write to Him. Listen to Him and read His Words. He is a good good Father who will never let us fall too far from His loving embrace. That’s the good news.

And you know what? I feel totally unqualified to challenge her to do that. That was more of a challenge to myself, a voice somewhere way way way deep inside that says, “Jenna, I challenge you.


He picks me up and calls me qualified.

Early Monday morning, I was sitting at my computer thinking, “You know, I love photography. I love it so much and because of that, I don’t want the added pressure, so I don’t think I’ll continue to move forward with the business side of things.” And I have no idea what God is working me into right now, but Monday afternoon, I received an email asking about doing a family photo shoot (which would be my first). I talked to a couple friends about those unqualified thoughts that morning and this new opportunity, and I was finally like, “I’m doing this. Here we go. Taking it.”

Not only that though, I woke up Tuesday morning to a message from an awesome family friend asking me to shoot her wedding. WHAT!? Yes, confirming that she did want me to shoot her wedding, even after I told her that I had little experience with that. Obviously God’s doing something, but He is so good and I will continue to follow where He’s leading. That led to more confiding in dear photog friends which then led to me shadowing 2 weddings this fall to prepare for April. I’m not sure how many times I can repeat how faithful He is or how He’s moving in my life. He is active. I’ve got all of these potential things coming down the pipe and I’m just like, “Wow, God, You are so good.

“He’s not overwhelmed by your questions, He feels loved that you want to know what’s true.” – Steffany Gretzinger

He’s doing some big things and I’m grateful I get to be a part of them.

“The same person who wrote the story of the Bible is writing your story.” WHAT!? Yes. We are having our very story traced and written by the Author of our salvation. That’s crazy to me, that we’re worthy enough to hear the voice of God and have Him hear us in the process. And not only does He hear us, but He listens and takes His desires for our life to shape our own desires for our lives, when we ask Him. How cool is it that God is so sweet in the process of us getting to know Him? Come to me. Love me. Lean into me.

He’s such an awesome Dad. Seriously, think about it: He just wants us to come and sit with Him sometimes. That’s not all He calls us to do, but when we live in relationship with Him, sometimes we just have to sit and recognize how sweet He is to us. He wants open communication. Not just grocery-list prayers where we ask Him for things and He gives them to us. That’s not how it works at all. He wants to provide for us because He cares for us, in the most tender form of that phrase. He wants to hold onto us and help us throw off what hinders to run directly toward Him. He split the sea so we could walk right through it. He drowned our fears in perfect love. He tore the veil for us to come close. And He did all of this, not just so we could tear up when we declare, “I am a child of God,” but He did it because He loves us.

He’s got me on my knees, thanking Him for His faithfulness and His sweetness in His provision. I feel like this will be a season of sweetness and “WHAT!?”s, and that’s pretty freaking awesome. He is so cool. I love Him. I wish there were more intricate ways of saying that, but seriously, the simplest ways are sometimes the best. He is good, and I love Him.



P.S. This version of “Good, Good Father” is so dang good, so you should give it a listen. Kalley Heiligenthal is so cool.


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  1. Sarah says:

    Seriously though I love your posts. The power of your words and the way that you talk about God really pierces through my soul, and they help me to connect with the Holy Spirit. Thanks girl. Keep doing what you do!

    In Him,
    A sister in Christ


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