W E L C O M E.

Have you ever let yourself be held by words? There’s a place for you here. If you happened upon this page, I’m excited for you. Big things are happening here, and there’s not any slowing down happening because there will always be stories to tell and we will always be hungry for them. This was formerly jennabjohnson.wordpress.com, so if you’re here for the blog, it’s under the personal tab. I hope you stay awhile.

If I could, I would put a bright, yellow neon sign that reads “IMPORTANT” on this front page because you’re entering into some space I hold very near and dear to my heart. These things are written everywhere: passenger seats, staff meetings, in the middle of a senior seminar class, a bar in a coffee shop, and my parents’ kitchen table. I love a lot of things, like videos that make you cry, a specific sort of coffee I’ve only ever found at Earth Fare, and that feeling you get from hearing people read words out loud, but I love storytelling the most. I love what it does to people. This is the best job, even on the worst days: there’s something about honest writing that turns people to mush and makes their eyes into windows you can see straight through to really deep parts of their hearts. Truth wins every time, and that’s something I’m only starting to learn.

Truth undoes the stories in each of us, stories we’ve kept hidden or waited to tell or been quiet about when we hope people will ask us more so we can stand up and scream the truth from rooftops.

Join the hustle, write down the things you can’t stop thinking about, and take the journey with me. We’ll be here for a while.