Welcome! If you happened to stumble across my corner of the internet, I hope it finds you well. My name is Jenna Johnson, and I specialize in writing, videography, and graphic design. This was formerly known as jennabjohnson.wordpress.com, and for those of you that came for the blog, you can find those under the personal tab. Your beauty, brokenness, inspiration, creativity, and passions are all welcome here.

You’re entering into a space I hold very near and dear to my heart. Sometimes these things are written at a bar in a coffee shop, a desk covered in a lot of dog-eared books and empty coffee mugs with stains around the bottom, or on torn-off pieces of notebook paper in the middle of Media Law. It happens a lot, and I’ve noticed the best writing comes at the most inconvenient times. It’s okay to be the awkward one constantly pulling out a tiny notebook when people say words they don’t realize are so beautiful. It could happen when one of your favorite authors is sitting next to you over some spinach tortellini and shows you that you can write books for other people and it’s not always about selfish processing, or that this is the best job even on the worst day. Or maybe it’s when you’re sitting in the passenger seat of your best friend’s car and she reminds you that you’re also a super broken and sinful person, but that’s okay because it makes you feel so much less alone in such a big world. I’ve known I wanted to spend the rest of my life writing books from a very young age, so here we go. Please be in it for the long haul with me.

Grab a cup of coffee, bundle up, and make yourself at home. We’ll be here for a while.